Highlights of Rule Die Steel:

  • Combination of perfect bendability & excellent hardness

  • High-frequency treated cutting edge ensures itself with extra-long duration life

  • Sharp and clean finish of cutting edge accomplished by fine grinding process

  • A mirror like finish of back edge


Hardness & Bendability:











Type      Profile            Size ( height x thickness, mm)
Application ( applicable to cut materials as bellow)

QQ图片20140713103536.jpg         BE.jpg

Fiber BoardGenuine Leather BootsGenuine Leather ShoesHard BoardImitation LeatherLeather FurnitureLeather GlovesLeather HandbagLeather LacesLeather SuitcaseMid SolePacking Aerated Plastics

2.jpg         BD.jpg

Genuine Leather BootsGenuine Leather ShoesImitation Leather

3.jpg           AE.jpg

Asbestos Twisted RopeEather LacesFiberglass GasketsFlake LeatherForming LatexLeather FurnitureLeather GlovesLeather HandbagLeather SuitcaseLinerMonolayer Abrasive PaperMonolayer Rubber BoardRubberRubber GasketsSilkSponge Rubber
4.jpg            AD.jpg Genuine Leather BootsGenuine Leather ShoesImitation Leather

5.jpg      TE.jpg

Autocar Control BoardAutocar Damping MaterialsAutocar Panels澳门新葡萄京www3189.cnmAutocar Woven CottonCardboardCorksFiber Boardwww.xpj2xpj2.comFiberglass Aluminum FoilFiberglass MeshHard BoardLinerMulti-layer Plastic FoilPlush ToysPlywoodReinforced Fiberglass SkisSilkSound Insulation Materials Within MachinesWeaving Gloves
6.jpg      TE-g.jpg Autocar Control BoardAutocar Panels新萄亰赌城官网Autocar Woven CottonPolyester Fiber Fabrics
7.jpg      SE.jpg InsolePlywood
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