1. What is Rule Die Steel?

Rule die steel, also called cutting die steel or clicker die steel, which is specially designed and developed for making cutting dies/clicker dies, by bending itself into different shapes as per user's pattern designs.

2. What industry requires cutting dies?

Commonly, industries using following materials for mass production requires cutting dies for high efficiency and balanced uniformity:Plywood, Fiberboard, Hardboard, Aerated plastics for  packing, Multi-layer paper sole, Asbestos twisted rope, Fiberglass washer, Forming latex, Rubber, Sponge rubber, Silk, Grinding paper, Auto car control board and panels, Corks,Reinforced fiberglass skis, Fiberglass mesh, Plastic foil, Fiberglass foil, Insole, Sole Material, Textiles, Leather goods, artificial leather, Lining fabrics, Polyester fiber fabric, insulating material, Plush, Upholstery fabrics, mats, Upper leather, Cardboard/Boxes, Gaskets, etc.

3. What are the meaning of BE, BD, AE, AD,...etc.?

Simply all these rules can be divided into 2 groups:

Group 1: BE, BD, TE, TE-g & w, SE= cutting edge line lays at side of bevel

Group 2: AE, AD= cutting edge line lays at the center of bevel

E = single edge execution

D = double edge execution (which is usually used if a left and a right parts are to be cut (e.g.

Shoes, gloves) 

For example:

19x2. 0 AE=bevel type A + Single edge

32x2.0 BD=bevel type B + Double edge


4. How to choose proper size? what is the maximum layers to be cut in one time?

In general, a steel height of 19mm is sufficient for single layer cutting and a steel height of 32mm is sufficient for cutting material up to a thickness of 15mm. If material height is more than 15mm, a die steel height from 36 mm-50mm is recommended.


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