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Our rule die steel is processed under high precision procedure, high-frequency hardening and multi-heat-treatment,  which enables the products to come with excellent hardness and perfect bendability, and with diversified series in various profile shape & dimension and corresponding applications.

We are capable to upgrade the body hardness to even 42HRC as is called Super-hard Rule die steel to meet customers’ special requests, meanwhile maintaining the products with stable perfect bendability and extra long-lasting duration lifetime.

Hengda holds the leading position in rule die steel industry in China since 1995 with its advanced producing technology and renowned quality. Our rule die steel in various series are widely used in industries as bellow across the country: Leather shoes, Leather products, Garment, Toys…etc, and has gained overwhelming market share and glorious market reputation in mainland, and Hengda also exported its quality rule die steel products to world-wide market such as: Italy, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Kampuchea, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Tunisia, Mexico, Turkey, Pakistan, Egypt, Karachi, etc. countries and regions.